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How do you fight back against smoking bans?

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Old 01-09-2009, 07:38 PM
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Default How do you fight back against smoking bans?

If your home state has a statewide smoking ban (or maybe you have a local smoking ban but not one throughout the state), how do you fight back against it?

Most smoking activists online prefer not spending money at all in a state smoking ban. One smoking lady lives in KY, and she does NO BUSINESS whatsoeva in her home state. She drives outta KY to do her business in a state without a smoking ban. She does no banking in KY, she doesn't shop in ANY KY store (including no supermarkets), and she doesn't even buy her gasoline in KY.

Her motto is "If you can't smoke anywhere in the city or state, then don't spend your money in that smoke-free city or state."

Anotha related idea is like here in Illinois, where I hear of smokers driving to Missouri in order to go to smoker-friendly casinos and smoker-friendly restaurants/taverns. I give props to those IL smokers for going outta state in order to enjoy life while they enjoy their smokes indoors as they supposed to.

This is a saying I heard before from online smoking activists. "If you can't smoke, don't go! Keep your wallets shut."

I'd certainly not botha going back to a restaurant in the south if a manager told me I had to reliniquish my seat so a White lady can sit down.

I actually read an online article before about this bro in a GA tavern/restaurant being asked to give up his seat (while in the middle of eating his meal I might add!) for a White chick, and he had every right to be fuming mad. A business with secret racism towards patrons doesn't need MY money, that's for sure.

The same logic applies to smokers. No IL casino or tavern needs smokers' money if the smokers ain't welcome to light up inside. Those smokers need to do their business in Missouri or Indiana instead.

WI is a smoker-friendly state for now. But I heard recently the WI politicians plan on bringing up the statewide smoking ban topic again during 2009.
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Old 01-09-2009, 10:49 PM
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I don't put out my cig when anybody says I can't smoke after I light up and I'm smoking a couple drags. I either ignore them or I tell them where to stick their comment. Especially if it is a big area and my smoke ain't going nowheres near them. If thats the first time I'm there and it don't look like I can do it w/o getting in a fight wif somebody, I don't go back there again so they DO lose out on my money. Most places that don't allow smoking that I am a regular of ALLOW me to smoke even if there is a "no smoking sign" nearby or even within view. I spend a lot of money in my town and people know it. If they want me to spend my money in their establishments, they know not to make a pariah out of me and turn me away AND against them. I can make a lot of trouble for a biz that pulls that stunt on me. You want to ban smoking in a place I been coming to for twenty years and smoked there the whole time? For real? I'm going to do all I can to help put you out of business. Maybe you need somebody to report your restaurant to the Health Dept. I saw rats in your shop! If you saw me smoking next to the no smoking sign. Fight back against anyone that tells you to put it out. Even the smoke police. If one of them tells me to put it out, I put it out but they gonna have to tell me to put it out.
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Old 01-09-2009, 10:58 PM
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Fvk the smoke cops. They oughta find somethang betta to do then to force me to put it out. If one of em told me in a tavern or a restaurant to put it out, I'd be very tempted to blow smoke in their faces.

Kicking someone out for smoking a cig is outrageous. It's getting to the point where a smoker might need to take a gun as self-defense from antismokers and smoke cops even while outside in public.

I hate antis as much as I hate racists. Both of those groups deserve to be dead!
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